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Single Point Diamond Dresser
Single Point is the name given to the standard diamond dressing tool. As its name implies it uses a single diamond which can usually be reset several times in order to expose new cutting points.
When ordering a Single Point Diamond Dresser please specify the Carat Weight, Shank Diameter and Length.
Chisels are Single-point Shaped Tools. Chisels are normally used with grinding wheel forming equipment - sometimes built into the machine design. These tools are often used on ancillary grinding machine equipment ranging from simple radius dressing attachments to more complex pantograph (i.e. Diaform, Truepath machines etc.) and optical image equipment (i.e. Optidress).
When ordering a Chisel Tool please specify, Chisel type, included angle and radius on the diamond, shank diameter and length.
Multipoint Diamond Dresser
As its name implies it uses more than one diamond and is used for dressing of larger wheels. The different types of multi point diamond dressers are briefed as.
Blade Type Dresser
Blade Type Dressers consists of one or more layers of hand-set selected diamond stones. Each layer is carefully interlocked to ensure a continuous, even cutting action throughout the tool life. The Blade Dresser maintains a consistent, thin diamond cutting edge throughout its working life.
When ordering a Blade Type Dresser please specify, Blade type, Length, Breadth and Thickness.
Impregnated Diamond Dressers or Dust Type Dresser
Impregnated Diamond Dressers or Dust Type Dressers – Impregnated Diamond Dressers or Dust Type Dressers are used for dressing the diameter and side faces of medium to coarse grained grinding wheels. They allow relatively large amounts of in-feed while dressing.
When ordering an Impregnated Diamond Dresser please specify the Head and Body Diameter & Length.
Indexable Crown Type Dresser
Indexable Crown Type Dresser is used for dressing all types of larger wheels where fine truing is considered important. It comes in 24 and 36 points.
When ordering a Crown type Diamond Dresser please specify the number of points, Shank Diameter and Length.
Point Type Dresser
Point Type Dressers are ideal for economic dressing of small and medium-sized grinding wheels, or for truing larger diameter narrow wheels. It comes in 5 points and 7 points.
When ordering a Point type Diamond Dresser please specify the number of points, Shank Diameter and Length.