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Diamond Needle Files
Diamond Needle Files for hand filing of hardened steel dies & moulds, tungsten carbides etc.
Diamond / CBN Mounted points
Diamond / CBN Mounted points for jig and internal grinding of non-ferrous materials & hard ferrous materials.
Diamond / CBN Lapping pastes
Diamond / CBN Lapping pastes for quick stock removal, polishing & super finishing of tungsten carbide and hardened steel moulds, dies, gauges etc.,
Rockwell, Reicherter, Firth & Vickers diamond penetrators (Indenters) for hardness testing.
Diamond Honing Sticks
Diamond Honing Sticks to hone Cast Iron / Aluminium Cylinder Blocks, Hard Chrome plated Liners and CBN Honing Sticks on ferrous materials such as Hardened Alloy Steels, M.S.Hydraulic tubes etc.
Electroplated diamond and CBN wheels
Electroplated diamond and CBN wheels are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and forms. We can produce virtually any type of wheel to your exact specifications. The advantages of these wheels are freer, faster cutting action with minimum heat generation. Another distinct benefit of electroplated tooling is their lower cost.
Diamond electroplated products are used in many non-ferrous applications such as fiberglass, ceramics, carbon, graphite, phenolic composites, aerospace materials, and other abrasive applications.